Awinco Sdn Bhd Honors Winners of Ramadan Month Paint Display Competition with Prestigious Prizes

Tonight, on April 21, 2024, at 9:00 PM, Awinco Sdn Bhd hosted a special virtual gathering for all its branch staff members. The occasion? To announce and celebrate the winners of the Hari Raya Paint Display Competition held throughout the festive month.

With anticipation running high, staff from across branches eagerly joined the call, awaiting the results. In a moment of triumph, Awinco Sdn Bhd revealed the branches that had showcased the most captivating and creative paint displays during Hari Raya.

As applause echoed through the virtual space, the winning branches were awarded prizes as a token of appreciation for their outstanding efforts. The atmosphere was filled with pride and excitement as branch staff members rejoiced in their achievements and sharedwords of congratulations.

This gesture not only acknowledged the talent and dedication of the branch teams but also reinforced Awinco Sdn Bhd’s commitment to fostering creativity and excellence within its workforce. As the call concluded, staff members left feeling inspired and motivated,
ready to continue making a positive impact in their respective branches. 🎨🏆