In November 2015, Mr. Dilip Thakker, who holds the position of Global Head at Jaquar Company Pvt Ltd, embarked on a significant journey to Awinco Sdn Bhd located in Brunei. The primary objective of his visit was to conduct a comprehensive market analysis, with the aim of gaining a thorough understanding of the prevailing market conditions within Brunei.

Mr. Thakker’s agenda extended beyond merely assessing the current state of affairs; he was also keen on identifying potential opportunities for Jaquar within the Bruneian market. By scrutinizing various aspects such as consumer preferences, existing competitors, regulatory frameworks, and economic trends, he sought to pinpoint areas where Jaquar could establish a competitive edge and thrive.

Furthermore, Mr. Thakker’s visit was instrumental in devising strategic initiatives tailored to Jaquar’s expansion and operational endeavors in Brunei. Drawing upon the insights garnered from the market analysis, he collaborated with key stakeholders to formulate actionable plans aimed at enhancing Jaquar’s market presence, optimizing distribution channels, and effectively engaging with Bruneian consumers.

Overall, Mr. Thakker’s visit to Awinco Sdn Bhd in Brunei epitomised Jaquar’s commitment to meticulous market research and strategic planning. It underscored the company’s dedication to fostering sustainable growth and success in diverse international markets, including the dynamic landscape of Brunei.