Zonal Manager Sureerat Jankasem Visit at Awinco Sdn Bhd

In November 2014, Sureerat Jankasem, Zonal Manager, made a productive visit to Awinco Sdn Bhd. The primary purpose of this visit was to finalize the Trade Partnership agreement between Awinco Sdn Bhd and Jaquar Company Pvt Ltd, India. Ms. Jankasem’s visit aimed to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Confirmation of Terms: This involved reviewing and solidifying the agreed-upon terms of the partnership, ensuring clarity and alignment for both parties.

  2. Addressing Queries: Ms. Jankasem provided a platform for Awinco Sdn Bhd to raise any outstanding questions or concerns regarding the partnership. This open communication ensured a smooth transition into the collaborative effort.

  3. Documentation Review: A critical aspect of the visit involved meticulously reviewing all necessary documentation for the trade partnership. This guaranteed that all legal and administrative requirements were met, paving the way for a successful and long-lasting collaboration between Awinco Sdn Bhd and Jaquar Company Pvt Ltd.